🍀100% Biodegradable & Compostable Eco-Friendly Long Wheat Straws - Pack of 100 - Natural and Disposable Drinking Straws, Better Alternative to Plastic, Paper or Stainless-Steel (Long 100 pcs)

 🍀 SAVE THE WORLD, IT’S A TIME OF WHEAT: Say goodbye to global waste and say hello to your new eco-friend: the tall & skinny “Straw”. We promise it’ll be loyal to you as long as you don’t trade your friendship for a plastic one. Eliminate fake friends from your life

 🍀CLEAN & COMPACT - For anyone who wants to get rid of the boring old-style straws and also wants a clean kitchen while creating some awesome cocktails with your friends or family

 🍀SHORT & LONG SIZES FOR EXTRA COMFORT - Most of the straws on the market are either too short or too long while creating a big discomfort for you. That’s why with our wheat straws, you’ll be spending your mornings & evenings relaxing at your favorite spot while sipping from your favorite cup without worrying about a thing

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