šŸŒ“PalmaPlanet is a green socially-minded online-retail store whose founders are passionate about the planet & raising awareness on issues affecting our lands, oceans & minority communities all around. The concept was derived with an eco-friendly lifestyle in mind. Our product comes from the Earth & goes back into the Earth, enabling us to live better, smarter & mindfully. PalmaPlanet goes beyond its product offering, it truly is a way of life. We donate 15% of our gross profits to environmental organizations in order to help communities preserve their natural habitat while building a future where humans live in harmony with naturešŸŒ“

šŸŒ“Our products donā€™t require a commercial composting facility, instead can be naturally composted. This saves energy costs and minimizes the impact associated with commercial composting. In-house composting saves garbage disposal & compost expenses, and most importantly, it diverts the organic waste going to landfills which might contribute to greenhouse gas emissionsšŸŒ“