Plant Based NON-Plastic 110 units pack of 10 inch Heavy Duty Plates

* ♻ 100% NATURAL SUGARCANE BAGASSE - is a natural sugar processing by-product or side-material that in other cases would have just gone to waste. In our factory, this by-material is cleaned, sorted, disinfected, and as raw material, processed through modern technological production line to become food-grade waterproof, anti-oil, pulp-molded tableware products with excellent characteristics. Outcoming bagasse plates are eco-friendly, non-toxic, harmless, completely tree-free, and plastic free.
* ♻ FIRM AND STRONG ENOUGH - to resist 248°F oil and 212°F water influence, neither deforming nor leaking. As testings show, our biodegradable plates can keep fluids without leaking more than 24 hours at room temperature. This is very surprising because MojoSky disposable sugarcane bagasse plates contain no artificial coating, petroleum, wax, or any other moisture-repellent agents used by some manufacturers. Furthermore, our dishes are just perfectly suitable for refrigeration and microwaving.
* ♻ 100% RECYCLABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY, COMPOSTABLE AND BIODEGRADABLE - surprise your party guests on your environmental consciousness; these bagasse plates and cornstarch forks can be decomposed within a matter of months, leaving no footprints behind and returning to the soil as a full-fledged fertilizing component to produce the next generation of plants and trees. This is the best solution for saving the trees of our planet.
* ♻ YOU WILL SAVE OUR PLANETS TREES - if using sugarcane fiber and cornstarch disposable, compostable products. YOU HELP not to cut down trees just for obtaining paper for disposable paper plates. It helps our planet not to lose its green lungs, and save the ecosystem of the Earth.
* ♻ STURDY BOXED & READY FOR SAFE TRANSPORTATION - our plates and forks are specially packed in the cardboard box to prevent them from damaging or bending while traveling, organizing BBQ and transporting, instead of plastic clean-film packaging which does not offer such safety. Buy MojoSky party set and just throw in the trunk - don't worry, nothing will bends!

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